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Thursday, August 20, 2009

MONEY will flooooowww~ heh

Had joined this one advertising program, let’s learn about it in simple steps.

1. It uses Twitter, (Follow My Twitter please).

2. This is how it works.

3. You’ll get paid when you reach RM100.00.

That’s all. Register here.

*You don’t need to have a blog, just twitter is enough.
*The founder is the same as Nuffnang (so they said), automatically it’s reliable.

I heard of this from Jackster. It’s not that hard to monetize things, just take the chances,
and money will floooow right into your pocket, heh like I’m that kind of money-spinner.


Jackster said...

haha mcm knal je ayat ;p

DR. ALIA said...

ok jack~
mgkin xyah la let ppl know bout it kot..
gua sudah promot lho punya twitter lg ada bgus..
haha...neway..thx yah~

Coretan anda?