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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sign of The Last Day :)

this article was did when I was studying at matriculation centre IIUM, was not exactly my article, it was a group project presenting about the sign of the last day..enjoy reading it..best regards, me [Dr.Siti Nur Alia]

Signs of The Last Day
Believe in the Last Day includes believe in the sign of The Last Day. Signs of The Last Day can be divided into two groups which are major signs and minor signs. These two groups which have been mentioned above will happen in this world before The Last Day. Minor signs will occur before the major signs. Some of the minor signs have already happened since the beginning of Islam.
Among the minor signs of The Last Day are the arrival and the demise of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. There is no other prophet after him and it is compulsory for every human being to believe in it.
“I was sent by Allah (as a Prophet), The Last Day and I are like this” He appointed his two adjacent fingers and then he made them apart.
The death of Prophet Muhammad is also one of the early minor sign of the Last Day. The death of Prophet Muhammad has been mentioned by himself,
“I am counting on six things regarding The Last Day including my death”
Next minor sign of The Last Day is the emergence of fake prophets. The history of Islam shows that thee are at least 30 people that claimed themselves as prophets. Each of them is followed by a large number of followers. “The Last Day will not occur until there are a few groups of my followers combine with Musyrikin and they are idol worshipers and indeed there will be 30 great liars amongst my followers and each one of them admit themselves as a Prophet although I am the last Prophet”
War and fighting are common among Muslimin. Lots of people are killed and injured in this war. A lot of quarrel and slander occur among Muslim that leads to conflicts and disagreement thus become the major reason of war and fighting.
People live their lives in depravation and decadent. Human being nowadays starts to practice Yahudi’s and Nasrani’s ways of life. “The Last Day will not occur until my followers practice the life system of people before them, little by little”
The other minor sign is people will suffer due to contagious disease which leads to fatal.
The number of Muslim scholars will be lesser and the number of moron will be increasing. As the number of moron increase, the nation and power of leading are guided by these people. Moron here means people who are cunning and fluent in debating an issue but they lack of Islamic knowledge. They also do not posses good moral values “Among the indication of The Resurrection Day is the diminishing of Islamic knowledge and ever-lasting stupidity”
Human beings are proud and admire the beauty of the mosques. Muslimin are competing among them to build the most beautiful mosque by decorating the mosques with various engraving and colours. “People’s proud in building the beautiful mosques is one of the sign of The Last Day”
Next minor sign is that poor people compete to build the greatest building. The poor people become rich in a sudden and own big houses, bungalow, “And when it comes to The Last Day, you will see that people who were poor and wore bad attires compete in building up the tallest building”
Many women reveal their aurah. It is one of the sign that can be seen clearly nowadays Women nowadays become the accessory and model for the luxury stuffs, artists, and so forth.In addition, a lot of women start to have modified themselves into a beautiful, young and matured ladies .Hadith Rasulullah “When day approaching the Last Day, women wear attire that although they are wearing it, they look like as they are naked”
There are a lot of earthquakes and confrontation that happen in the community and people face are transforming into another form. The transformation is actually not in term of their physical appearance but their action.
One of the signs of the Last Day is a lot of people love drinking. The drinking phenomena become one of the common phenomena that occur regardless the time and place. Hadith from Anas bin Malik ra,
I heard that Rasullullah S.A.W mentioned, “Approaching near The Last Day, besides that, there are a lot of people who love to drink”
Next sign is that the time pass in a split seconds. It means that people feel that the time is running out. Sometimes, they do not even realize that time is running out because they are too busy with their worldly matters. “There is no The Last Day until time become very short, a year feel like a month, a month feel like a day, a day feel like an hour, an hour feel like happen in a split seconds”
Muslim people are no longer greeting each other with salam. A meeting of a muslim with another muslim does not show as they are close to each other in term of religious bond.
Men break their relationship and bonds with their own family and neighbors. This is due to the fact that they do not have enough time to have a visit or taking care of each other.People that stay in the same neighborhood do not recognized each other and although their house is just side by side, they feel like they are living further apart.
Nowadays, music becomes priority of life. People do not aware that music is one of the signs of The Last Day. Music is like a game that can bring tranquility to the listeners. Thus, many people spend their time more on listening to the music rather than spending their time with God.
Another sign is the increment of women compared to men show how close the human are to the date of the Last Day. “And one man will be followed by 40 women and he can make use of them”
Many people do not really care about things that related to the religion. Some of them even make fun and do not apply Islamic teaching in their daily lives. They do not performing solah, fasting during Ramadhan, paying zakat,and other pillars of Islam.
When the day is approaching the Last Day, most news is solely rumors. And if there is the truth behind the facts, liars hide them and make it look like the untruth ones.
Mother gives birth to her own master. Al-Hafiz Ibnu Hajjar translated the meaning of this statement as women who become a slave give birth to a child, as results of the secret affair with her master. Some Muslim scholars interpret this statement as the child does not respect their parents and always give orders to their parents to do something.
Among the major signs of the Day of Judgement is that smoke surround the space between the Earth and the sky. When the smoke comes out, the Mukminin will no longer exist in the Earth. This smoke illustrate how dreadful the people on Earth at that time. They are committing lots of errant acts.
The next sign is the emergence of Dajjal, the great liar.Dajjal is capable of doing things that are opposite to the human nature such as to live back the death, to pour down the rain, and to provide food for people who are starving. A lot of Muslimin believe and follow him, and most of them are women. His main objectives are to create disaster and bring the doubt in human’s heart in believing Allah, the solely creator. Dajjal will tour around the world and he brings together his soldier with him. He will enter every single resident and he ruled the world with brutality. Anyone who disobeys him will be killed. Most people who have firm conviction towards Allah will not be affected by Dajjal. Dajjal rules the world for 40 as mentioned by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W “Later, Dajjal will come out to my followers and live on Earth for 40 days but I am not really sure whether it is really 40 days, or 40 months, or 40 years”
Prophet Isa a.s. come to preserve Islam. Prophet Isa a.s. will come down when the Dajjal and his armies besiege the Mukminin. He will kill Dajjal and rule the world with justice. There will be no poor and needy people because all money and properties are distributed fairly among the Muslim. He will also annul the tax payment .Prophet Isa a.s. will destroy all the church which is one of the pride emblem of Christians. He will also kill the pigs which will increase in population if the pigs are let alive. This is to avoid people from eating the meat. By killing the pigs shows that he has completed half of his job to get rid of sinful acts in the world.
Imam Mahdi will lead the Subuh prayer. Before Prophet Isa a.s. is sent down to the Earth, there is a pious man who has been chosen by Muslimin as their leader. That pious man is called Imam Mahdi , suitable with his noble characteristics that he posses.
Ya’juj and Ma’juj are two people who cause destructions on Earth. Abdullah bin Amr from Rasullah S.A.W. said that “Ya’juj and Ma’juj originate from Adam; and if they are mingling in a population of humans, they will cause destructions. Neither one of them die without they leave 1000 people lineage or more” Right now, they are already exist but they are hiding from the human’s sight and knowledge. Ya’juj and Ma’juj will die naturally without being killed.
Another major signs of the Last Day is the emergence of fire that arises from Yaman and chase people to Mahsyar.
Besides, the sun will rise from the West. When the sun rises from the west; Allah will no longer accept the taubah from his slaves. The phenomena that happens after the sun rising from the west are; people are in the state of confuse,as the duration of the night become approximately three night longer than usual.
The last sign of the last day is the emergence of Dabbah. Dabbah is a creature that will guide human being from involving from kufur. As stated in Al-Qur`an:
“And when the word is fulfilled concerning them, We shall bring forth a beast of the earth to speak unto them because mankind had not faith in our revelations.”
( Surah An-Naml : 82)
Dabbah will remind mankind to prepare themselves with good deeds in order to face the life after death.

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